How to participate

Cageance's composition score
Cageance's sheet music - Click to view

Cageance's sheet music - Click to download

The performance needs to be recorded outside.
i.e. an external environment, in real time.

Setting up
Consider a period of initial activity / set up on camera.
E.g. adjusting equipment, music stand, score.
Consider also tuning the instrument / warming up.
As you might before any performance.
The piece commences after a positive action.
Of your choice.
E.g. a count of 4 taps, using body language.

During the piece, i.e.during the silence.
Remain with, and in control of, the instrument.
Throughout, but not playing.
Whilst listening.

The piece ends with another positive action.
Of your choice.
E.g. standing up, putting the instrument down.
As you might after any performance.

Audio / Video Recording
The preferred option is separate audio / video.
I.e. use of more hi-tech mics and camera.
Lo-tech combined audio / video would be fine.
If necessary.
E.g. smartphone.
The goal is maximum clarity of sound.
And minimum compression / wind noise.
To minimise wind noise, shield the recording mic.
Particularly if in an exposed place.

The instrument needs to be prominent.
In the video shot throughout.
You need to be in video shot too.
Positioned with instrument throughout.
As if ready to play at any moment.
You can also choose where to place the instrument.
In your chosen external environment.

Instruments which might independently sound.
As a result of external conditions.
Might be interesting.
But it is your choice.

Submitting Your Performance
Upload your .mp4 file to a cloud storage
E.g. Dropbox, GDrive, WeTransfer link.
Then complete the submission form on this page.
Please forward any queries on

We hope you enjoy the silence.
Which of course is full of sound...