The Cageance Project is a worldwide compilation.
Of performances of 4'33".
John Cage's 'silent piece'.
First performed in 1952.
A pivotal piece of sound art.

Keep scrolling down to read about the composition.
When you have finished reading, view the piece here.
(NB: The composition can only be viewed on desktop/laptop).

The Cageance Project extends 4'33".
Two video players combining new performances.
Each new pairing of performances unique.
And unrepeatable.
A new contemporary application.

A time of C-19.
A time of physical boundaries.
Restricted movement.
But no environmental or musical boundaries.
We bring these together.

Performances may comprise any instrumentalist.
Or combination of instrumentalists.
And may last for any length of time. 
As Cage intended for 4'33".

Sometimes the same video will play again.
Sometimes an interlude will appear.

Each video loops for a duration of 4'33".
And each video is a different length.
So the two videos will be combined.
At different points as they loop.

After 4 minutes 33 seconds the page will refresh.
For a new pairing.
Or you can 'shuffle' to refresh for a new pairing.
At any time.
Each new pairing is random, determined by chance.
You can also mute, to focus solely on visual activity.

This website is accessible for anyone worldwide.
To participate or be the audience.


The statements on this page are from participants.
Summarising their experience whilst performing.
Take a few moments to read these too...